Here are some things you may want think about when Choosing a storage site 

Security – Look for sites offering high levels of security to protect your caravan against risks, especially theft and vandalism.

  • Location – Consider where you want to store your caravan – you may choose somewhere closer to home, or nearby your typical holiday destination.
  • Towing – Check if the storage provider offers towing services. Otherwise, you’ll need to tow the caravan yourself. If you do tow your caravan, consider purchasing touring caravan insurance for extra protection while driving.
  • Bay size – Ensure the pitch site is big enough to store your caravan, ideally with enough room for maintenance.
  • Pricing – Alongside cost, make sure the pricing schedule fits your needs. Some sites offer monthly, weekly, or quarterly storage options, so you might not have to commit to a full year.

Preparing your caravan for storage

Most caravan owners leave their caravans in storage during the winter months, ready to return in spring. But it’s not quite as simple as taking your caravan to storage, paying the fee, and heading home. First, you need to prepare your caravan to keep it safe during winter. Here are a few tips:

  • Drain down the caravan to remove all water from the pipework, boiler, and water systems.
  • Clean and empty your caravan to avoid any potential damage.
  • Check for any holes, loose joints, or gaps and repair as needed.
  • Remove anything that can’t be secured, especially if it’s valuable.
  • Clean all gutters to remove any debris and water.
  • Check the caravan seals are intact.
  • Purchase a caravan cover to add further external protection from weather damage.